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Alright i feel searching for an digital oscilloscope around 300euro utmost. I usualy producing tasks with AVR and hardly ever arduino (which offers ávr mC:P ).So wé can say its my hobby. I got an Hantek 2CL USB osciloscope but i feel searching for something better.Therefore after search and reviews i end on this modeIs:Rigol DS1052E - 2 CH 50 MHz for 269 EuRigol DS1102E - 2 CH 100 MHz for 326 EuFrom above 2 models, i could purchase the 2ng. Offers the dual bandwith with only 50eu dif.BUT also i found this design interestingRigol DS1054Z - 4 CH 50 MHz for 339 EuI'meters confused. Can someone advice me? The 4CH its realy interesting:)Prices arrives from ( Free Shipping, no fees ). I'm pretty certain Rigol will not mind.

It is definitely a great promotion for them and the only reason I've obtained the range, for example. And the reason I'm recommending it here.

In any other case, there is definitely nothing ceasing them from either modifying the crucial formula, or not really installing the 100 MHz parts.I'm not persuaded that the share 50 MHz range or more costly 100 MHz version is certainly a good worth for cash.Also, I've compensated for the hardware, I can do whatever I want with it.The crack is reversible and, simply because much as I understand, service centres wear't really care.Furthermore, I've violated the warranty in a huge method a 7 days after I've obtained the range by replacing the enthusiast with a quiéter one. The stock fan is usually some inexpensive LOUD PoS, but they possess to save some place, of program. Enhancing a signal and replacing components will be, and generally has ended up, a skill that not really everyone possesses and as a result less most likely to happen.That said, if you purchase something and use your abilities to invest time making a modification like as you do substitute a lover after that that is certainly good. If you got utilized your skills, decided how the circuit could be enhanced and changed it then that is certainly good because you have spent period and effort examining the routine and you have chosen to make the modification for your use only.Nevertheless if you just utilize a program code that somebody else provides developed and have got not proved helpful out yourself what requires to be completed to create the switch then that is certainly not honest.David.

1000Z Series Mixed Signal & Digital Oscilloscopes. The 1000Z Series is the economic level Digital Oscilloscope platform from Rigol. It offers unprecedented value in customer applications with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities. Oct 18, 2014  I find a way on internet how to modify my Rigol DS1054Z to full featured DS1104Z and I want to show you how easy it was. The DS1054Z is very.

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Rigol Ds1054z Serial Number

Hugoboss authored: The 50MHz products are likely 100MHz models that tested slightly out of specification for 100MHz and obtained downgraded. In that regard, if for you having 100MHz bandwidth is usually more essential than becoming completely in specification then I wear't observe what the problem can be. Can'testosterone levels you buy it later on anyhow? In this case the equipment must end up being is spec for all óf them. The same hack unlocks all kinds of process decoders and a lower V/div configurations. And I have got no concept how to purchase a range with all those factors unlocked out of the container.

Blackgar had written: I mean produced some measures with 'hacked' 100MHz and a real 100MHz and obtained same outcomes? There is usually no want for a check, it will function. Rigol will be content to create a key for you for some amount of cash. The scope arrives with all the features enabled in time-limited setting (36 hours of procedure, if I keep in mind correctly).But don't just focus on the 100 MHz bandwidth, which can be not useful for many hobby programs.

But unlocking bigger memory dimension, process decode, one even more vertical awareness level, is usually way even more useful. Proceed with the 4-approach device for the little even more cash. Download the keygen code/hack that enables 100MHz procedure but don'testosterone levels set up it or change your share 50MHz 4-route unit. Scope speed is an over-rated adjustable unless you are a highly-páid/highly-skilled consumer electronics specialist. The extra two stations and their triggering opportunities are worthy of the little additional cash. If you do ever require the additional bandwidth, after that set up the keygen/hack.Individually I'd rather have got a handheld IR remote control that emulated the pushing of the o'scope's front-panel buttons than an extra GigaHz of bándwidth. A constant design of hands movement from thé circuit-under-tést to the osciIloscope handles becomes extremely annoying rapidly.