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I Found My Phone How Do I Unlock It

How to Unlock LOST phone that was LOCKED remotely via the 'Find My Phone' I lost my phone. I locked my phone. There seems to be no way to Unlock my phone. If you can't unlock a locked phone, it seems pretty pointless/useless. When I locked it, there was no option for a password. This was a Remote locking of the phone and the phone currently. I had my phone stolen, a few weeks later I got a text indicating my phone was found. I was thinking it was the find my iphone notification that linked to the apple site. However the mock site is a phishing site that will get your username and icloud password if you log in.

You can erase your locked phone making use of a pc, capsule, or another phone. To get rid of this way, the locked phone must:. Become converted on. End up being linked to the web. Have Look for My Gadget changed on. Option 2: Reset your phoné with its buttónsYou can get rid of your secured phone using its energy and quantity control keys. To understand how to reset to zero your particular phone this way,.

Reset to zero your design (Google android 4.4 or lower only)If your locked phone will be using Google android 4.4 or lower and has a pattern-type display locking mechanism, you can use your Google Accounts to reset your pattern.