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Rem-Rand Serial Numbers Data from Remington Rand Corporation Records of Advertising and Sales Promotion archived at Hagley Museum and Library: Appendix I Typewriter Manufacture Dates and Serial Numbers SPECIFICATIONS AND DATES OF MANUFACTURE. Re: How do I tell which Remington Rolling Block Action I have Thanks for all the help folks. This one looks like a number 1 as it is 1.312 (aprox) wide and has a radius in the inside of the action on either side of the breach block (almost looks like it is an extension from when they bored the hole for the barrel. Remington Rolling Block Rifle. Remington Rolling Block Rifle, c. 1875-90, serial number 9320,.38 extra long caliber, blued octagonal barrel marked 'E. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, N.Y.,' and '38 EXL' on the bottom, case hardened More. The Swedish 12.17 mm Remington type rifles are found in 8 different models. Five of new production and three of rebuild and refurbished rifles. The 5 Rifles new built Models: Rifle m/1867 original Remington rifle. Rifle m/1867 original Remington mechanism but the rest built in Sweden. Rifle m/1867.

  1. Remington Rolling Block Rifle Kit

I have got a Remington Going Block mod 1 1/2.32 Rim-fire Rifle in pretty nice problem, most of the surface finish is nevertheless great, the Share is wonderful as well. It provides a Hex Clip or barrel, it's aIl there and éverything seems to function flawlessly.The Barrel or clip is definitely 26 in . from the muzzIe to the báck of the réceiver. The patents rubber-stamped on the receiver are from May 1864 to Sept 1874, the just other marking I can find additional than Remington can be 32 and the serial quantity.Merz Antiques has one shown that is usually not quite as wonderful, finish will be worse and Quarry does not really have simply because numerous botched Anchoring screws.It provides a various fore-end, mine will not possess a steel cap. They possess it at 2275.00 which appears a little dear, I guess that't why they contact it angling, not getting.Could anyone give me an concept of what it is definitely well worth.

Remington Rolling Block Rifle Kit

I have got possessed it long plenty of so I speculate it's off to Gun Broker, but I would including to have some idea of a beginning point.Thanks. Remington 1 1/2 rolling block rifles are quite hard to find. I bought one a couple years back that someone had transformed from rimfire tó 38 spl. Centerfire by rebarreling it with a clip or barrel that offers the chamber finish off middle and the muzzle end on middle.

I only compensated a couple hundred bucks for it and it sets great.One that is still all first and offers some situation colors, blue, and a great bore would become searched for after by enthusiasts. I can't give you also a good ball recreation area concept as my guns ' azure guide ' doesn't provide ideals for various calibers and I would think the rimfires would be worth much less as a munition is definitely near impossible to obtain but I could end up being incorrect. They are a wonderful balance of dimension and weight and appear much better than the complete size simply no. 1 or 5'h perform.I believe there are knowledgeable people on this forum who will understand a better idea what it is usually worthy of but like all issues aged or valuable it's all about condition.Jedman. Acquired a client that compensated $2500 for a #1 1/2 and it got corrosion in the bore. Lot of individuals informed him not really to range it because he would loose all extractor worth. I offer with various collectors and they would never ever buy one for that much with rust in the bore.

They would like something that looks brand-new or they will buy something inexpensive and place cash into repairing it. There will be a #1 on Gunbroker detailed at $2,200 but no offers. Guns U . s has a #1 in 40-50 for $2,995.Most enthusiast appearance at it as an investment, if they can't get their money back again they will move. I possess a really nice one particular with good case colors, and bluing.


Perfect solid wood, and a Beech combination front view too. It'h in.22 Long, and I bought it from a seller at the Big Reno Gun Present. I gave $1450 and thought I stole it. But á.32 Rimfire is definitely the minimum appealing of all caIibers for a #1 1/2.I'd never evaluate any costs that Leroy Mertz provides on his weapons to true world costs. I think he's operating a art gallery, as he certainly can't market a lot of guns at his prices. I make use of to purchase from Leroy a few decades ago, but recently he's eliminated crazy on his prices. The #2 had been not a massive vendor for Rémington, but that wásn'capital t because of any flaw in the design.

In reality the lower product sales were credited to the cost of producing such a exclusive Rolling Stop edition. The #2 has been based on the present Rolling Mass pistol style, and that's i9000 why the body offers those gorgeous sculpted curves to the entrance and back of the recipient edges. Components also interchange inside between the #2 and the pistols, therefore Remington saw it as a as well as.But the #2 Remington had been not cheap to create, so costs made it more expensive than also some larger actions like the #1 and #1 1/2. The higher cost of the #2 produced income lower for Remington and actually with a lower revenue margin the price was nevertheless high sufficiently to keep sales lower than competition's equivalent sized guns.The #2 can be one of my beloved of all Rolling Pads. I could simply make a collection out of just #2's i9000 if it wásn't fór my interest in shooting farther and requiring bigger calibers.